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LCL Business

Shipping LCL is a value-added service for Shanghai Hede International Logistics Co., Ltd. to promote the whole journey logistics, aiming to create the service concept of “safety”, “convenience” and “economy”, improve the heavy container loading rate through the operation of docks, warehouses and stable liner routes, provide super-value supporting services, and provide convenient one-stop services for factories, export platforms, shipping agencies, road-to-sea logistics enterprises and small and micro enterprises, thus reducing logistics costs.

The Great North-South Transpor
In order to adapt to the current development of the transportation market and meet the needs of customers in various modes of transportation, Hede launched the sea container LCL business in due course, and launched a high-density container north-south tru
LCL Mode of Hede
Terminal Logistics Enterprise + Shipping + Wharf + Terminal Logistics Enterprise
LCL Stowage of Hede
Scientific packing process, special equipment, shared container space, light and heavy matching and cost reduction.
Business advantage
New Designs, new Ideas, New Mo
Breaking Shipping Routine / Innovating Carriage Forward/ Insurance Claims / Home Picking and Delivery and Cargo Packaging
All cooperative logistics enterpris
Free shipping charges for trunk l
LCL cargo is given priority to s
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